Financial Services

Business Challenges

ArborSys Financial Services solutions

The financial services industry - commercial banking, private investment, and capital markets - is attempting to compete better in today’s dynamic global climate by improving core operations and differentiating the customer experience. To achieve this, financial institutions are challenged with:

  • Im​proving process efficiencies of managing, collaborating on, and responding to the increasing volumes of information
  • Improving customer relationships while minimizing costs
  • Supporting branch systems while developing new customer “touch points” such as the internet and self-service applications
  • Responding to new governmental regulations for higher levels of compliance and disclosure
  • Restoring public confidence in the industry
  • Enterprise-level integration and management of data through interactive customization of products and services to meet customer demands
  • Incorporating mobile banking as a regular delivery channel
  • Developing strategies around social media
  • Filling manual gaps and delivering straight-through, efficient business processes to foster transparency in cost, compliance, and prices
  • Embedding a risk management culture into daily operations

ArborSys Solutions

ArborSys Group provides information technology solutions to achieve process efficiencies and improved performance in the financial industry in the areas of:

  • Content Management - we provide comprehensive solutions for the full lifecycle management of content related to your key business processes:
    • Information capture – paper, fax, electronic forms, email
    • Secure content management
    • Review and approval workflows – both within your organization and extended beyond your enterprise
    • Global contextualized access
    • Archiving
  • Business Process Management (BPM) and Automation for financial processes such as New Accounts and Loan Processing
  • Portals and information sites
  • Collaboration solutions for financial professionals and customer communities​​​​