Case Study

Proof of Enrollment Processing – Improved Client Services and Process Efficiency, a Single Document Repository, and Reduced Compliance Risks

Business Challenges

Our client, a global financial services company, provides innovative membership services, loyalty programs and direct-marketed insurance benefits. Membership enrollment processes for products are managed by loosely integrated legacy applications. Enrollment paperwork was scanned and stored on shared drives, and archived to CDs. Related workflow processes were manually intensive, requiring knowledge workers to locate documentation from paper or shared drives. Client documents were not easily leveraged for enrollment across multiple products.

An outsource vendor was used to perform the day-to-day scanning and indexing of paper documents. Document processes were inefficient and costly. Additionally, the storage of archived documents on CDs without appropriate records management policies raised compliance risks.

The client sought to mitigate compliance risks, improve efficiencies and reduce costs through the implementation of a framework of automated process and workflows for the capture and management of customer documentation related to Proof of Enrollment processing across product lines.

The ArborSys Solution

To meet client needs, our team developed the detailed requirements and design, and then implemented a Proof of Enrollment solution. Scanned/indexed documents were inducted into a Document Management repository, and workflows were implemented with appropriate forms and Task queues to process the Key from Image, QA, QC, and Error Corrections processes.

Supervisors could monitor workflow queues, perform workload balancing, and reassign tasks as needed. Workload and performance metrics reports were implemented via a Reporting component.

insurance claims workflow

Our solution leveraged the EMC Documentum Claims Processing framework (Task Space), and extended the framework to implement pre-configured workflows for enrollment related transactions. Our solution also provided integration to the client's legacy Enrollment Processing application through file export of enrollment transactions.

Value Delivered

Key benefits delivered included:

  • Improved efficiencies and time-to-market;
  • A single repository for Client Enrollment Documentation, with consistent records policy enforcement;
  • Reduced compliance risks and costs.‚Äč